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In BomberDrones you work as miner in a futuristic setting to farm azurite.

It is a 4 player Network Game where you can drop bombs and mines to harvest the precious ore and hold other player of your back. After each round you can upgrade your drone with the azurite you farmed. Updrade your bombs in range and capacity, mines in stuntime (Yes they stun your enemies), your health or boost and speed. The player with most points in the end wins.

You can create lobbys with custom map settings. Look at the sceenshots for more informations. If you can find someone to play with, contact me, I'll be happy to play with you.

You could describe the genre best with bomberman like.


DroneBombersFinalBuild.zip 72 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip, extract it and start the BomberDrones.exe.

In Game you can pick a nickname and connect to server. Its very easy you cant actually miss anything .

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